Monday, March 17, 2008

Raw Benefits for Diabetics

When I stated to try and change my eating, my intention was to eat more raw food than I have been. I just read a repot in The Feb.2008 readers digest that talks about a new movie coming out called Raw for 30 days. In the movie, Diabetics eat a raw vegan lifestyle for 30 days, lose an average of 25 pounds and are able to go off insulin. This is because their bodies become alkaline in the process of this kind of eating. Which is another reason that I recommend alkaline water to everyone. I'm trying hard to get the guts to commit to 30 full days of raw only eating. Honestly it isn't as bad as it sounds, were not just talking celery and carrot sticks. The recipes I've found have been top notch in flavor and I've created some of my own in
the recipe page at
I think the reason that I haven't made the full commitment is because... I like to eat out a lot. I get tempted easily. I need a quick food plan to be able to start. My husband isn't cooperating and that could be a big problem. Excuses, excuses! I'm listening to some Tony Robbins tapes that are really encouraging me to look at my excuses/reasons and find a way to seriously over come them. I'm working on it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drugs in Drinking Water

Wow, there is so much information right now about drugs in our drinking water. I intended to link to the origional artical but forgot to bookmark it's location so I've reprinted it here. It's unbelieveable how much the government dosn't regulate and literlaly allows in our drinking water. The good news is that all water ionizers and whole house water filters get that stuff out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Broccoli fun fact

From the Reader's Digest: Eating raw veggies like broccoli at theast 3 times a month may cut your risk of bladder cancer by about 40%

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