Monday, August 9, 2010

The Battle of the Bottled Water Wars Rages On - With No Clear Winner in Sight

Bottled Water Versus Tap Water: Who WINS?

Well the answer to that question isn't clear. Today I'm going to ask you to watch two videos. Don't worry, they're very entertaining - they're not Ronnie Ruiz of Healing Water Machine's Alkaline Ionized Water (he's pretty entertaining - you should check him out) - but entertaining nonetheless. The first video, The Story of Bottled Water, compelling as it is - leaves out some very important facts about plain tap water from your tap. Without further adieu ...

Great video, eh? Even I agree that it is.

This next video is a rebuttal to the first; not quite as entertaining - and not quite The Real Story of Bottled Water, either - but here goes - check it out

So...who wins? Well, as you've probably already figured out. The answer to that isn't cut and dry.

We at healingwatermachines love our tap water. We swear by our high alkaline tap water. We live and drink by our ionized tap water. We believe in the benefits of our straight from the TAP alkaline water.

According to some recent research done on tap water in major metro areas the biggest problem with regular tap water straight from your municiple source is that it very well may contain some scary ingredients like: Rocket fuel, pesticides, arsenic or lead! not to mention germs. Good old fashioned germs seem pretty tame in comparison.

So what IS the answer? should we all be green and stop using so many bottles? Of course we should. We should all try our darndest to care for the world we use to live, and it wouldn't kill a single human being to reuse the same plastic bottle a few times in a row. Is the Story of Bottled Water wrong? not entirely.

Save Money and Be Green - Make Your Own Alkaline Bottled Water - Fresh from YOUR tap

Here's something you can do to both cut down on the plastic water bottle problem AND get healthier at the same time. Buy an Alkaline Ionized water machine and put your beautiful water in reusable bottle - glass or plastic works. Let's do the math on this first just to be sure that buying an ionized water machine is worth the money.

Reusable just don't have the same safety issues that regular drinking water bottles have. First of all they don't leak carcinogens - and unlike regular bottled water bottles, they can safely be soaked in hot water. They come in all sorts of really cool, functional styles. At first you'll be paying a little more for the bottle. They range from a few bucks to about 25 bucks each.

Even so called bottled Alkaline waters are not stable and lose their alkalinity. And no bottled water has the benefit of ionization. Ionized water must be consumed within 8-24 hours of production to have the benefit of the antioxidants. That means that uber expensive (from 2 bucks to 5 bucks per 1/1.5l) bottled alkaline water you're buying off the shelves isn't even giving you the benefits you're seeking from a good structured alkaline ionized water!

Investing in a good alkaline water machine can save you money almost immediately and the benefits of fresh from YOUR tap alkaline ionized water cannot be beat. Fresh from YOUR tap water has a unique taste, too. It tastes like water is supposed to taste.

As always we invite you to try our water. Questions are always welcome and we never charge a dime to give you the time you need to address your concerns about health and ionized alkaline water.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

See Immediate Health Benefits: Alkaline Ionized Water + Deep Breathing

Reduced Your Stress Immediately. Two Tips Work Hand in hand: alkaline ionized water + Deep breathing

If anyone finds them selves tired or run down or overly frustrated during the day try this energy/ stress releasing tip: alkaline ionized water + deep breathing! Yep, That Simple!

ionized alkaline water

1. Drink 16 ounce of alkaline ionized water straight down. (all of it)
2. Take a slow DEEP breath, pull the breath in hard enough to stretch your rib cage, really try to expand your lungs. As you're breathing in push down on the lower end of your rib cage at the sternum, keep your chin tucked in.
3. Exhale slowly and forcefully to squeeze out the last ounce of air from your lungs.
4. repeat this 4-5 times.
You will feel an imediate improvement in your energy and reduction in stress. Your brain is going to send the signal to your body immediately.

Not all alkanized water is created equal. For example: bottled alkaline water

When you eat the wrong foods and end up with acidic stomach or heartburn, what's the first thing you reach for? Antacids. The active ingredient in Antacids are sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is great for a quick fix; it helps reduce symptoms of heartburn and acid in the tummy - but should you be consuming sodium bicarbonate every time you drink bottled alkaline water? Good grief NO!

We did a little sleuthing and found out that at least 1 major brand of bottled alkaline water lists sodium bicarbonate as its second ingredient! That means, if you're drinking the right amount of alkaline antioxidant water every day, you're consuming far too much sodium bicarbonate!

Healingwatermachines produces fresh alkaline antioxidant water without the additive; alkaline water is a miracle...that is, without the additives. You don't need sodium bicarbonate in every ounce of drinking water which is exactly what you're getting when you buy bottled alkaline water.

For the best drinking water on the planet, customer service that will blow your socks off, and expert, always FREE water advice, give a click or call today.

And don't forget, breathe deep and drink ionized water until you're heart and body is content!

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