Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Radicals - Alkaline Ionized Water Can Help. A Healing Journey, Part 1

"I Feel the difference when I drink ionized water. I feel more a watered plant. I can't get over how good I feel. Seriously. I'm stoked!"

This is my story - about a year ago I started feeling very toxic. I wasn't drinking enough water, let alone ionized alkaline water (about which I thought: "structured water" was yet another ding batty concept in the world of health fanatics and freaks. honestly, I thought it was snake oil, just pure snake oil on tap!) But I digress. When I say "toxic" I mean I could literally feel some sort of poison in my system coursing through my blood, particularly when I woke up. I would wake up feeling so sick. Of course, I was eating like crap, drinking about 3 cups of water a day with instant coffee in it. My breakfast, when I bothered to actually eat anything, consisted of whatever starchy concoction I threw together, ate and then saved from the night before; usually potatoes, cheese and tons of hot sauce poured over, and of course coffee with tons of sugary cream, - and a few pieces of nicotene gum thrown in to help the wake up process.

My daily routine was an equal-to-my-diet-recipe-for-disease-and-disaster, and it looked like this: Most days I would get out of bed, feeling gross and poisoned by my habits, wander to my computer (I work from home on the internet), check out the terrain online, and then glue myself to the desk chair until around 2PM. By 2PM I was flat out exhausted and felt even sicker than I did when I woke up. But that didn't stop me. I was superwoman, an ex cyclist with a resting heart rate of 38 beats per minute 15 years ago. No way was I on my way to bad health or disease. Not me. I couldn't see any reason why my superior conditioning 15 years ago couldn't carry me through until I'm 100. I was in denial and while living in denial my body was rebelling against the abuse; my stomach burned 24/7, I woke up in hot or cold sweats - sometimes both! Sleep was painful because everything ached all the time; my joints, my head, my chest. And getting this unhealthy had also taken its toll on my heart and mind. I was depressed. Not the everyday blues depression either. This was hell.

Thankfully, finally, I could take no more. A friend "Just happened" to call me and tell me about a nutritionist she knows. I couldn't get to the nutritionist fast enough. In tears, I begged her for an appointment. It was 3PM that day and my appt was at 5. I sat in bed and cried, counting the minutes until my appt. And I knew that what I was about to learn was going to change my life. It was like a warning signal went off around the parameter of all my bad habits, signaling them to be aware that they would need to change radically.

And that's what I finally had to do; I addressed my life and my world in a radical way. This is my story and my journey down the road of slow change. No, things didn't just suddenly get magically better overnight. Gosh it was overwhelming. There were so many changes to make, so many bad habits to overcome, and a lot of healing needed to take place to counteract the damage I had done to myself.

The nutritionist pricked my finger several times and then took five blood samples and then scrutinzed them under a microscope. Then she blew me away and said "You started smoking around 26 or 27 years of age, I can see that."

Oh boy. I just said "...yes" and then cried. Although I had quit smoking 2 years ago I was now living with the physical and emotional damage I had brought to my body. That was enough emotional trauma for a day, I thought to myself.

But then she said "That's a free radical. Look at it" -

And I looked at it. Here's the picture taken from my iPhone:

It looks like death! Notice my two red blood cells off to the left. The free radical is impressively much larger than the red blood cells.

The nutritionist explained what free radicals are, what they do and how damaging they are - and how they can be addressed. She addressed a few other issues which I'll share in the rest of this series.

I left her office that day equal parts encouraged and horrified! But I now had a plan and I could finally relax because I knew that by addressing some of these issues slowly and over time that I would get the benefits equal to what I put into it, and most of all start feeling good again.

With so many changes on the horizon, big and small, I addressed the biggest 2: diet, and water. I was given supplements and told that I won't need to take all of them for the rest of my life. This was also a big change because it would mean I would need to start forming some new, healthy habits...and this would require will, some self love, and discipline.

I will wrap this up until my next post in the series. For me, change was hard. For most people change is hard. The biggest change, and quite frankly the easiest for me was to start drinking some ionized alkaline water. The first thing I noticed about the water was the taste. I was blown away by the taste - and still am. This was the best drinking water I had ever tasted. The taste of this particular alkaline water made my conversion to alkaline ionized living water a lot easier. I started feeling hydrated. I had heard that term of course, and thought that I got it...but until I started drinking this ionized alkaline water, I really didn't get it. I'm totally stoked by this feeling of wellness and hydration produced by this ionized alkaline water.

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